12 April 2020

Plus or Minus: Fudge Podcast

I don't know how many fudge-related podcasts there are, but as of this writing I know of only one Fudge-related RPG podcast: Plus or Minus. It is hosted by Troy Truchon, who offers observations of the world of Fudge gaming and interviews with creators in the community. We need more of this, and to encourage it, I've added a list gizmo to Creative Reckoning entitled "Just Podcast It!" after the "Web Log Roll Call." (Speaking of the latter, I would be happy to add new Fudge-centric Web logs to this list.) So, if you or anyone you know is podcasting regularly about Fudge or Fudge-based games, please let me know and I shall help spread the word.

Plus or Minus also has a Facebook page, Plus or Minus Podcast; and a Twitter account, @plusorminus_pod.

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